His penis is not enough

I am sexually unsatisfied inside of my traditional, monogamous marriage and have been for too many years to count. My spouse has a small penis and even though toys are used, they can not replace the actual feel of a real cock. Sexual frustration leads to general unhappiness in everything inside of, or related to, the marriage. He can’t control his penis size and I can’t control my body’s need to be fulfilled properly. I had no idea that by falling in love with a man who had a small penis, it would mean giving up a satisfying sex life. I assumed we would compensate for his small penis in other ways, and that would be enough. Now, after living with that choice and those decisions, I understand that I was wrong. His penis is not enough. His size does not match my need and his ways to compensate are few and far between. I feel stuck inside of a marriage I don’t want to leave because it feels shallow to say you want to divorce because your husband has a small penis and can’t satisfy you sexually and yet he wants to remain monogamous because his sexual needs are met and yours are not.

Stand between my thighs

The dildo I let you use on me is 9 inches and very thick. I make you stand beside the bed, between my thighs, so that your little penis is beside the big thick cock you are using to stroke off inside of me. I’ll get you to jerk your cock on my clit to excite me, or i’ll masturbate my clit using the head of your penis, at the same time. By the time I am finished writhing and cumming all over your hand or mine, you slip into me and I can barely feel you. It takes you seconds to shoot your load in me because you are so excited from watching me take that big cock so easily. Imagine when you get to do it when I have a real cook inside of me.

Over inflating your size

I am propositioned all the time. Far more than I’ve told you about, or that you’ve witnessed or could even imagine, really. And unlike the statistics you see about the ‘average’ man being a certain penis size, I have to tell you that from personal experience, those numbers are highly under inflated. It is against all probability that only men n the high end of average or above average, find me attractive and who I reciprocate that attraction with. Therefore it stands to reason, since my statistics are based purely on visual evidence, that the ‘average’ penis size is a solid 7 inches. 80% of the men I have witnessed are 8-9 inches in size with perhaps 15% being larger and 5 % being smaller.

You don’t know how hard it is, as a woman of childbearing age, to walk away from sex with a well hung man. It’s like your body craves that moment of fulfillment, of being stretched open, perhaps in anticipation of giving birth. Maybe it’s because of memories of our sexual awakening and being taken for the first time, the impossible tightness, the rightness, of having a man inside of your willing but virgin body. When a well endowed man takes you, it feels the same as all the sexual memories from your past, before you were experienced. And it feels right. The right amount of pulling, the right amount of friction, the right amount of fullness. It is a perfect recipe for an orgasm with no substitutions needed to replace ingredients you might not have at hand.

The big issue with your small penis, is that it’s small. I’m a gloriously, sexually experienced and demanding adult woman. Your penis can not handle that, accommodate for it or adjust to it. My body is the one that is flexible for size, not yours. My body was designed to please men of multiple penis sizes and your’s is severely limited in the range of fulfillment you can offer. Rather than quoting statistics about the average penis size of a man, how about you simply believe my woman’s truth and the one you try to avoid thinking about while in the mens locker room? Flaccid size is not always indicative of the package once erect. As much as you hope you are almost average, you aren’t.

I’m not being cruel in saying it, as factual information is simply what it is; neither good or bad. If you want me to be sexually fulfilled, then you have to know it is not going to be possible with your little penis as we are simply and completely mismatched. I will not resign myself to a lifetime of sexual frustration in order to maintain a relationship. Either the relationship adjusts to include meeting my basic needs or I will find both physical and emotional needs met elsewhere. Your choice is to take it or leave it, as it’s not something that’s negotiable. There are no lack of men who want a relationship with a sexual woman and very limited number of women willing to accept a man who can not please them sexually.

Nice massage

As I laid on my stomach, he stood between my calves which extended past the edge of the bed, his hands massaging my lower back, buttocks and thighs with warm oil. His hands were taking liberties as they dipped between the globes as he ran his hands up my inner thigh, so of course, his fingers found me dripping and swollen. “God you’re wet”. “I was. Now I’m just filled”.  It was all he needed to hear. He was barely inside me, before he started pumping his cum into me as well.

Loving a man with a small penis is hard

The big issue with your small penis, is that it’s not YOUR issue, it’s mine because you married me. NO ONE knows you have a small penis, except us. You and me. And every single male athlete you’ve known along the way and tried to shield it from by strategically turning your back or draping your towel in front of it, when you were naked in the locker room.

I am the one who suffers because you can’t accept your sexual self. ME. Not you. You do with me, what you did with your teasing team mates all those years ago, you turn your back and you shield yourself from my view. You refuse to have sex with me until you can’t hold out any longer and then you grope blindly, get in, get off and then you ignore me for another 2 months.

You refuse to talk about your issues even when I have resorted to demanding they be addressed because being kind and understanding didn’t work. teasing, didn’t work, being mean about it, didn’t work. Nothing works. I am strangled by the abstinence you have imposed on me and I accepted because the marriage contract implied monogamy. You expect monogamy and yet you refuse to hold up your end of the bargain and have sex with me.

I KNOW how small your penis is. I married you anyway. We used to be sexually compatible. Until you decided to not be anymore. And that’s what truly angers me. You’d rather not have sex, you’d rather alienate me, you’d rather push me into the arms and bed of another man, than have an honest discussion about your sex drive, your preferences, your desire or lack of it and your fears about our relationship.

Your closed mouth has ruined our marriage. It’s destroyed my self confidence. It’s shattered my ideas on what I believed to be normal and what I thought I wanted in a relationship. You’ve ruined my idea on what a healthy relationship looks like and you’ve made me question all my choices over the last 20 years. And you’ve made me unbearably sad.      All. The. Time.

I hate what you’ve done to me and how you’ve made me feel. Hate how alone I feel and unwanted. YES, other men want to fuck me. Lots of men want to fuck me. But who wants to love me? Who wants to protect me and keep me safe? Who wants to value the joy I bring them sexually? Who wants to spend their time with me because I make them laugh?

I didn’t want to be a mans sexual outlet. I wanted to be the smile on his face when he realized I am his sexual match in every way. I wanted to meet all of his sexual needs because he met my emotional ones. My love language is showing it physically and making him unable to think of any sexual pleasure without seeing my face and remembering my touch.

I don’t want to be the best sexual memory they have, of what a woman can make them feel. I wanted to be wanted for more than my sexual abilities. I wanted that to be the frosting on the very rich cake of my entire being because I offer so much more that a wide ass, big tits, a tight pussy and full lips. I am a strong and dominant woman who loves to serve the man who loves her. The rarest of combinations. a traditional and sexually open woman.

And you do not value the gift you had in me. You despise it and show me in the lack of attention and the refusal of my gifts. With every cold shoulder you give me and lack of response from your little penis, as it shrivels from use and my touch, it does the same thing to my feelings for you. Like your penis, I am retreating away from you to hide inside of myself, ensuring I am not touched. My heart is atrophying from lack of feeling, like your useless penis.

The state of your small penis, is the state of my breaking heart. You are killing them both because you can not open your eyes to see what’s happening and you refuse to listen to my pleas to change things and go back to who you were, before it’s too late for us. Because I will leave you. Emotionally, I already have. I don’t want to keep having affairs to fill in the place I wanted you to be. All I wanted was you to talk to me and be open with me and trust me enough to love all of you. Including your small penis.

A Sexual Surrogate

A Sexual Surrogate is required. I am looking for something and someone very specific. Within the parameters there is a vast amount of room for variation, but the non negotiable are just that. I am searching for a secondary, complimentary, long term relationship, with an assertive, sexually powerful, well endowed gentleman who wants to become an integral part of an existing, well established relationship as the alpha sexual partner.

I am not interested in casual sex or brief encounters. I am not interested in men who think they may be well endowed or state they have enough skill to make up for their lack of endowment. Size matters, which is why I’ve stated it clearly.

Your situation will need to align exactly with the one I know will work best for what I need and what that is exactly, will be discussed as we get to know each other. I am looking for someone prepared to go slowly to make sure that this would be a good fit for you as well as for myself. Perhaps you want a polyamorous style partnership. Perhaps you are busy with work and don’t have the leisure to have a full time monogamous relationship, but you miss the intimacy and ease of access to a sexually responsive, sane and practical woman.

Ideally, I see a sexually charged friendship, leading to a relationship where there is a cross over between real lives. It would be wonderful to not just spend a night having sex but then to go to a football game, head out to dinner and eventually head back for a hot tub where your sexual nature and mine will become readily apparent and flare in intensity. Of course my husband is going to be with us. He’ll be an integral part of ‘our’ relationship. Your sexual nature and mine will inspire him, teach him and allow him to finish with me, after we are satiated.

What excites him is seeing me excited and that responsibility quite frankly, will fall to you, as what excites me, is having a man who is hard. I require you to have a beautifully proportioned, erection which I shall be responsible for inspiring. If you suffer from ANY type of sexual dysfunction, then this situation is NOT for you. That position is already being handled by my husband. My spouse has medical and psychological issues which are responsible for his trouble in getting and then staying hard.

With his excessively low sex drive, it means he is normally done for weeks, once he does actually finish. He also has a very small penis which is forced out of me when I orgasm, which ends up ruining it for me. To compound the entire issue, he happily sees no reason to correct his premature ejaculation issues, as he does not really want sexual activity anyway. So this is why you are needed. You have to be sexually viable.

His performance may change if he has direct competition and sees my response to your superior skill level and is shown direct size comparison. He is certainly more aware of himself sexually when he is convinced to use a dildo on my willing body. He will be participating in all aspects of sexual contact by either watching or as yet to be determined.

Obviously this type of relationship works for you. You have to be completely comfortable with incidental contact and be aroused by being the sexual surrogate for a man who simply can not compete with you. You also have to be committed to a stable and communicative relationship with me. I don’t want to be with someone who has the time for or the need for, multiple partners.

You are over 6 feet as my husband is 6ft3; clearly, I prefer tall men; very educated, both street and book wise as well as being articulate, powerfully built, a demanding kisser. You prefer to get your pleasure from demanding a woman respond sexually to you as opposed to being passive or expecting/requiring to be serviced. You are a Dominant type man who appreciates that a strong women needs to not be subservient but certainly sexually controlled in traditional ways.

I am not into pain, humiliation, degradation or bondage. Pin me, yes; as long you are giving me the freedom to be sexually responsive and let go when I need you to. Spank me, yes; as long as you have gentle hands that soothe me at the same time. Let me control things until you’ve had enough and then make me pay for pushing you to your limits. I should not be the one telling you how to pleasure a woman, as you should be skilled and adept at it.

If you can share me with my husband, if you can be his sexual surrogate, if you can communicate with me and are very verbal in the bedroom, if you are thinking years as opposed to months, then we should talk to assess compatibility.

When a tall man, is a small man

The big issue with your small penis, besides your absent sex drive, is that i resent the small person it is attached to; I’m not referring to your height, either, as you are quite tall.  The feeling sorry for yourself and trying to blame me for all your problems, person who fails to be accountable for his words and actions, including but not limited to, his sexual ones. You’re just not a nice person when I expect you to act like a man. Because you really aren’t one, are you? Your penis size reflects it. The complete absence of a stable, personable, strong man who is confident, secure and adept at what he does, including his sexual performance. But that’s not you, is it. You fail on all counts. God gave you the penis you deserve, the one which advertises to anyone who sees it, that you just don’t measure up in any way, on any level. No wonder I cheat on you. You don’t deserve a wife; certainly not even a monogamous relationship. Other than paying the bills, what exactly are you good for? Nothing.

penis size and sexual personality

‘Having’ a big cock and ‘acting’ like you have one, when it is marginal or average, is actually the same thing. It is common for some well endowed men to step aside as a primary partner when given an opportunity, simply as they were more sexually submissive in a relationship, despite their larger cock size. The reality is, men think about their penis size in relation to their sexual personality and it is paramount a woman recognize his authentic sexual self, especially if he won’t discuss it, so she better knows how to service his actual sexual needs, even when that means claiming dominion over their sex life.

For many men, their penis size is not something they think about with any more frequency than they do the color of their eyes or shape of their calves. Small, Big or average, it is simply ‘what it is’ to them. For other men, they are hyper focused on it to the extreme that it becomes a fetish. There are the sexual realities which come with size, as not all women can take a big cock and not all women can feel a small penis in her vagina. That would be an issue if she requires penetration to orgasm. The individual pairing of the couple must match, as disparity breeds disharmony and ultimately results in fear that basic needs are not being met.